200,000+ unoccupied homes in England

200,000+ unoccupied homes in England

There are currently more than 200,000 properties sitting vacant in England. That’s nearly 1% of the total number of properties in the entire country. But, with a growing population, why are so many homes remaining unoccupied? This new study from HomeProtect combines their own data along with government figures to identify the areas with the highest volume of vacant dwellings and how things have changed over the last five years.

Please see some interesting insights below:

  • The areas that experienced the most dramatic increase in empty homes between 2013-2018 are The City of London and Croydon, which have each seen an 81% rise.
  • Outside of London, Birmingham takes the number one spot for the highest number of vacant properties of all other districts (4.3k), closely followed by Bradford (4.1k) and Liverpool (3.7k).
  • Smaller coastal towns and cities are also experiencing a high volume of empty homes and this is because they’re being used as holiday homes.

Interested? Take a look at the full report here: https://www.homeprotect.co.uk/blog/most-unoccupied-houses-england

This project was done in collaboration with Emily Evans, a renowned Estate Agent, and Property Developer.


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